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microMICR Font Dimm FDS-130

microMICR - Font Product

Part Number: FDS-130
Compatible Printer Models: HP2100, HP2100se, HP4050n, HP2100xi, HP2100m, HP2100tn, HP4000n, HP4000tn, HP4000, HP4000t, HP4000se, HP4050tn, HP4050, HP4050t, HP4050se, HP4100, HP4100n,HP4100tn, HP4100dtn, HP4100mfp, HP4101mfp, HP4200, HP4200n, HP4200tn, HP4200dtn, HP4200dtns, HP4200dtnsl, HP4300n, HP4300tn, HP4300dtn, HP4300dtns, HP4300dtnsl, HP4300, HP5000n, HP5000gn, HP5000dn, HP5000, HP5100, HP5100tn, HP5100dtn, HP8000, HP8000n, HP8000dn, HP8100, HP8100n, HP8100dn, HP8150n, HP8150dn, HP8150hn, HP8150mfp, HP8150, HP9000, HP9000n, HP9000dn, HP9000hns, HP9000hmf, HP8000lmfp, HP9000mfp

Price: $245.00

Font Flash Cards are used in some HP LaserJet printers as an internal method of adding fonts. They are more convenient to handle than DIMMs or SIMMs, but it is still necessary to open the printer (side panel) to insert or remove the card.

For a complete list of HP printers and their compatible microMICR font devices, please see our convenient Compatibility Table.

Font DIMMs are very similar to SIMMs and are inserted into special DIMM Slots inside the printer. They also must be handled carefully to avoid static damage.

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