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microMICR FutureSmart USB Flash Font Drive FSU-130

microMICR - Font Product

Part Number: FSU-130
Compatible Printer Models: M601n, M601dn, M602n, M602dn, M602x, M603n, M603dn, M603xh

Price: $245.00

USB FutureSmart Flash Font Drive is used with HP printer models - M601n, M601dn, M602n, M602dn, M602x, M603n, M603dn, M603xh

USB FutureSmart Flash Font Drives are used in the newest HP LaserJet printers as an additional method of adding fonts. The following LaserJet printer models all have 2 internal ports available (behind removable side panel) for inserting the USB Flash Drive and 1 external walk-up USB port.
LaserJet M601n, M601dn, M602n, M602dn, M602x, M603n, M603dn, M603xh.

We recommend using the internal ports for FutureSmart USB Flash Fonts that do not contain any security-sensitive fonts(such as signatures) and can remain in the printer.

FutureSmart USB Flash Fonts with signatures or other security-sensitive fonts are best used in the external ports of printers so equipped, since they can be easily inserted and removed.

FutureSmart USB Flash Font devices cannot be used with Standard USB model printers.

Note: In general you only need to power off the printer prior to inserting or removing the FutureSmart USB Flash Font from an internal USB port.

For a complete list of LaserJet printers and the microMICR font devices they are compatible with use our convenient Compatibility Table.

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