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Imaging Unit/ima-501.png

microMICR IMA-501 Micr Imaging Unit Made From A Lexmark 50F0ZAO. Must be used with our micr toner cartridge TLN-501

microMICR - Imaging Unit

Part Number: IMA-501
Compatible Printer Models: Lexmark MS310d, MS310dn, MS410d, MS410dn, MS510dn, MS610de, MS610dn, MS610dtn, MS610dte

Price: $98.00

microMICR takes brand new original equipment manufacturer cartridges and replace the regular toner with special Magnetic Ink Character Recognition toner, which is specially made for encoding checks. The iron oxide in the toner allows the magnetic reader sorter at your bank to read the symbols at the bottom of the check. Printing your own encoded checks saves you the expense of ordering pre-encoded checks. All you need is the MICR toner, blank check stock and the E-13B MICR font installed on your printer or your software.

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