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microMICR Secure Font System FBU-000 base unit

microMICR - Font Product

Part Number: FBU-000
Compatible Printer Models: All models of Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers with parallel port connectivity (except LaserJet 1000 series and 1320n) and many other manufacturers' laser printers

Price: $425.00

Please refer to the compatibility table to see which parallel cable you will need.

microMICR's Secure Font System (SFS) consists of a base unit, power adaptor, cable and optional secure card. Font resources can be programmed into either the base unit or the secure card, or both. These resources are automatically downloaded to the printer when the device is connected to the printer's parallel port or when the optional secure card is inserted in the base unit. Font resources are deleted from the printer when it is powered off. Secure card font resources are deleted when the card is removed from the base unit, without affecting the fonts programmed on the base unit.

For a complete list of LaserJet printers and the microMICR font devices with which they are compatible, please see our convenient Compatibility Table.

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